SnS Wireless access at all SussexNetShare, SnShare, SnSfeeed and Feeed hotspots

(please print this page and fill in and send to us asap!!)


Sign up for subscription/access by Standing Order


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SnShare Wireless access at all SnShare, SnSfeeed and Feeed hotspots






Please complete the details below then sign and return with application to, Sunnycroft, Mill Lane, South Chailey, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4PU


TO:________________________________________________ (your bank)



Please pay standing order to:  
Bank: LloydsTSB  
Sort code: 30-91-44  
Bank Account Number: 01250509  
Quoting reference:   (leave blank)

every calendar month on the _______day of the month or annually on …………................

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Amount: ______________ (either £6.95 for monthly or £60 for annual, non refundable)




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Account number: _________________ Sort code: __________________



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